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Ramadan El-Gohary

I’m a VFX ARtist & Matchmover & Vfx onset & VFX Instructor

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Video Shooting

With us, students will gain a professional understanding of video recording fundamentals using various types of cameras. You will learn engaging concepts of composition and lighting. By utilizing different filming equipment, you'll be able to produce professional videos, adding distinctive artistic touches to visual effects projects.

Visual Effects​

With us, you will learn the field of visual effects in an engaging and inspiring manner. We offer you the opportunity to explore the world of animation and digital techniques to create stunning visual effects in areas such as cinema and television. You will gain skills in using 3D software and special effects techniques to add artistic and realistic touches to scenes. This course will enhance your abilities in digital design and drawing, allowing you to transform your creative ideas into innovative and exciting visual experiences.

Digital Marketing​

With us, you will gain skills in targeting companies you aspire to work for and crafting a professional resume. We provide strategies for analyzing and understanding the needs of your targeted companies, developing customized content that highlights your skills and experiences in an engaging manner. You will also learn how to design your resume effectively and attractively, allowing you to stand out in the hiring process and increase your chances of securing the desired job.

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